Managing Your Expectations When Buying a Home in Today’s Market |

Managing Your Expectations When Buying a Home in Today’s Market

The process of buying a home can be challenging, yet rewarding. Having the proper expectations of the process, the state of the market, and an experienced agent will set the stage for a smoother buying experience. Here’s how you can step into the journey on the right foot.

Build a Relationship with Your Agent

Your real estate agent is your guide through the homebuying process, so you want to put effort into cultivating a good relationship with your agent. Expect to lean on them for everything. After all, they are the experts. And even though they are the experts on market and industry trends, they aren’t the expert on you as a person. Be sure to communicate your wants, needs, and your own market knowledge, so they can properly prepare a buying strategy for you.

Keep an Open Mind

Over the past three years, the market has been unpredictable. While things are slowly teetering back to normal market behavior, you just don’t know what you may face when you strike out to showings. Fall in love with as many homes as you can, but also be prepared for a little heartbreak if things don’t pan out the way you hoped. The best part of this journey is that you have someone working tirelessly to find another home you’ll love just as much as the last.

Understand Your Financing Options

Educate yourself on the mortgage industry to gain an understanding of your options. There are various loan programs that fit all types of needs. Lean on your agent and lender to fill in any gaps in your knowledge of the process.

Be Realistic About What You Can Afford

Manage your budget before you get into serious conversations with an agent and lender. Don’t forget to include those often-forgotten expenses like inspections, appraisals, and insurance.

Practice Patience

Searching for the right home takes time. Keep your schedule flexible so you can attend meetings with your agent and walk through open houses. Also, be prepared to comb through paperwork and sign lots of documents. 

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