Is Your Home Prepared for Hurricane Season? |

Is Your Home Prepared for Hurricane Season?

Violent winds, sending debris hurling into windows, and floodwaters creeping closer to your front door can wreak havoc on your property. As hurricane and tropical storm season arrives, be sure to prep your home now to minimize damage later. Here’s how you can mitigate the impact severe weather may have on your home this season.

Manage Your Landscaping
Take a look at the exterior of your home. Assess the health of trees that could possibly topple over at the sudden onset of strong winds and have them removed. Cut weak branches and trim shrubs that could easily shatter nearby windows. Consider replacing gravel or rock used in your landscaping that could also be easily picked up by winds.
Secure Outdoor Furniture, Decor, and Structures
Anything that isn’t anchored down should be brought indoors or secured before storms arrive. Grills, potted plants, chairs, anything that could become damaged or cause damage to the home should be addressed. 

Prep Windows and Doors
Opt for plywood when securing windows and doors. In the past, you may have used tape to secure windows and glass doors, but this is likely not going to keep them from breaking. If you’re able to invest a little more money, consider installing storm shutters to protect your windows. For doors, locate sandbags days before the storm and place them in front of any doors that lead to the exterior of your home to keep the threat of floodwaters from entering your home.

Purchase a Generator
If you’ve been in your home for years and have often been hit with several power outages at the slightest breeze, you may want to consider buying a generator. A generator will allow for minimal lifestyle interruptions while the storm passes through. No need to worry about spoiled food or a dead cell phone. If you already have a generator, don’t forget to test it periodically so that it’s in working order when a storm approaches.

Purchase Living Essentials
Make sure you're prepared to hunker down in your home with necessary grocery items. Essential inventory may include bottles of water, canned foods, first aid kits, flashlights, batteries, etc.

Review Your Homeowners Insurance Policy
In the event you do experience some damage, it’s a good idea to be aware of what’s covered under your insurance policy. Take the time to review your policy before we get too far into the season so you’re not fumbling through documents in the middle of an emergency. 

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