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What’s Preventing Your Home From Selling?

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While the buying frenzy of 2022 may have slowed, the sellers market hasn’t come to a screeching halt. So, you may be wondering, why hasn’t my home sold yet? Here are a few reasons your home may be lingering on the market a little longer than you expected. 

Selling on Your Own

So you thought you could sell your home on your own and now you’re seeing it’s not so easy? Work with a real estate professional to help you seamlessly navigate the process. In a market like we’re currently in, attempting to manage things on your own can be risky. Take advantage of the benefits of hiring a real estate agent to help support you through your journey.

Clutter and Cleanliness

Your home may not be appealing to buyers because you haven’t picked up a sponge or mop in a while. Unsightly stains and piled up junk will be a distraction for interested buyers. Get organized. Throw out any unwanted or broken items you’ve been hoarding over the years. Don’t forget to address those areas that often go ignored, too. Wash your walls and wipe down baseboards to breathe new life into your listing.

Bad Odors

A smelly home can be a turnoff, no matter how good the home looks. Pet odors can settle into carpet and furniture, and you may have become nose blind to the smells over the years. Personal habits like smoking can allow smells to settle into the walls causing your home to be deemed undesirable by those with sensitive noses.  

Lack of Upgrades

A lot of buyers are hoping to move into a home that is better than their current situation. If your home is filled with outdated appliances and light fixtures, your home may get looked over by those uninterested in taking it on. To get the sell, it may be worth investing in a new stove or making minor repairs. 

Terrible Curb Appeal

Your home’s landscaping makes the first impression. Make sure your lawn is inviting. Mow the lawn. Trim bushes. Add a little color with potted plants and flowers. A little effort can go a long way and won’t break the bank.

Too Personal

While you may love the hundreds of baby pictures and family photos you have plastered on every wall in your home, you want buyers to be able to picture your home as theirs. Reduce the number of personal photos. Put away any kids toys that may take away from the functionality of a specific room. Put any awards or sports memorabilia into storage. You may also consider staging your home. Your real estate agent can help you work with a staging company or you can have a go at it yourself. 

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