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Want to Lower Your Closing Cost?

With higher home prices come higher closing costs. The fees that can stack up against you as you close on a transaction can leave your eyes glazed, but we’d like to help you strategize on your approach to closing. Here are a few ways you can save money when closing.

Shop Around for Services

You’ve already shopped around for the best mortgage rate. Don’t stop there. Some fees you may face can be shopped around too. You may also be able to cut costs when shopping for things like title insurance and home inspection. 

Ask the Seller for Help

In the past, it has been a common practice for those who are trying to save to ask the seller to cover some of the closing costs. With the market favoring the seller right now and demand being so high, this tactic may not be your first approach. Discuss it with your agent, and see if it’s an option you should pull out of your back pocket should you need it. 

Close at the End of the Month

If you’re able to time your move just right, closing closer to the end of the month could save you some cash. Closing three to five days before month-end instead of 20 days or more, for example, means you’re paying less on prepaid interest. Keep in mind that closing later in the month means you’ll be paying your mortgage payments that are due on the first of the month 30 days after your closing date. 

Negotiate Where You Can

The real estate process is all about negotiation, and negotiating shouldn’t stop at closing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and compare fees based on what other lenders are offering .

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