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Tips for the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

We may find ourselves spending a lot more time at home searching for summer entertainment. Our backyards will soon become our personal water parks and theme parks. If your yard isn’t prepared for fun in the summer sun, here are a few tips for the ultimate outdoor living space.

  • Set the stage: If you’re working with a blank canvas of grass from fence to fence, now may be a great time to consider building out a patio or deck. Both are a great start for establishing the center stage for your outdoor living space. Currently there are over 3,000 properties on REIN.com with a patio or deck.
  • Traffic Patterns: Creating traffic patterns allows you to guide you and your guests through your outdoor living space. Lay walkways and paths that lead to a garden or additional seating. Plant shrubs and trees to establish borders. Creating boundaries and walkways will bring organization to your yard.
  • Seating: Introduce various forms of seating options into your space. Use benches, chairs, and stools to create variety for you and your guests to either sit together or have privacy in certain areas of your yard. If you have small kids or entertain others with small children, remember to include some kid-friendly seating. Be sure not to clutter your traffic pattern with too many seating options.
  • Cozy Atmosphere: No grass in your backyard to lounge in? Create a cozy atmosphere on the ground by incorporating blankets, cushions, and rugs.
  • Fire Source: Just like inside your home, a fire source draws you in and is a great way to incorporate a central gathering spot. If you’re willing to splurge a little, go for a full size outdoor fireplace. If you are looking for something more flexible and affordable, maybe a fire pit would be a better option. Whatever you choose, be sure to seek out fire safety and placement rules for your community before you make your purchase.
  • Protection: Consider using a canopy, umbrella, or awning to shield you and your family from the elements. Don’t waste a beautiful backyard because you haven’t properly protected you and your furniture from the sun and rain.
  • Color & Texture: Bring life into your yard by playing with colors and textures. Use pots of all shapes and sizes. These can help create borders and boundaries. Use seasonal flowers like pansies, daises, and mums to bring in added color throughout the year.
  • Outdoor Kitchen: Are you a grill master who wants to take their cooking skills to the next level? Maybe having an outdoor kitchen would be your dream come true. An outdoor kitchen can include a small refrigerator, cooktops, and a sink. Stainless steel appliances are ideal to stand against the elements. Summer cookouts can get a lot easier without the hassle of running inside the house for food and cooking tools.
  • Pool: Just like a fire source, a water source is another great central gathering spot. On a hot summer day who wouldn’t want to have a private pool at hand to take a dip in. Equip your poolside with proper shading by installing a cabana, pergola, gazebo, or some type of poolhouse. There are currently over 200 properties on REIN.com that already have a gazebo or poolhouse feature. Again, be sure that any poolside furniture you purchase is weather resistant. Not sure if having a pool is right for you? Here are a few things to consider before buying a home with a pool.

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If you’re thinking your outdoor space isn’t able to be transformed into the ideal space you have in mind maybe it’s time to look for a new home that can accommodate your wants and needs. Work with one of our 8,000 agents to narrow down what you’re looking for. If it’s a question of what you can afford, check out our mortgage calculator to help estimate your monthly payments. For local listings you can trust, start with REIN.com.

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