Tips for Stress-Free Selling this Winter |

Tips for Stress-Free Selling this Winter

Winter weather got you second-guessing listing your home this season? No need to hesitate about your decision to sell right now. With proper preparation, selling during the winter real estate market can be just as stress-free as any other time of the year. Try these tips to showcase your home in the best way possible during chilly winter months.

Decorate Conservatively: Consider a more conservative approach in how much you decorate during this time of the year. Some seasonal holiday decorations can be festive, but too much can hide the features of the home you intend to show off. Taking the Grinch’s approach to the season  and not decorating at all can give off a cold and unwelcoming feel for potential buyers. On the other hand, going full Clark Griswold and displaying every snowman and reindeer you own can be just as off-putting. Find a balance between the two that’s subtle yet creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Manage Winter Debris: Clearing dead leaves, snow, or ice from patios and decks will be necessary for buyers to see the potential in your listing's outdoor spaces. Since most of the trees, shrubs, and gardens will be lifeless during winter months, buyers will need to use their imagination when picturing what outdoor entertaining could look like in your home. Help them out by making sure they have a blank canvas to work with, clear of clutter and debris.

Stage Outdoors for Warmer Weather: If your city isn’t experiencing a harsh winter plagued with snow and ice, continue to stage your patio furniture for warmer weather. Leaving out furniture cushions or even the grill can help buyers imagine what could be done with the space during spring and summer months.

Include Extra Listing Photos: While foot traffic may be slower for showings during winter, many buyers turn to the Internet to explore homes they are interested in via virtual tours. Show photos of the home in its winter state, but also try to include some photos of the home during spring or summer when things are in full bloom. 

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