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Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Appealing to Buyers

Typically, spring is the start of the busy real estate season. With inventory being low and buyer demand remaining steady, you may be thinking spring is your season to sell. But in the wake of overindulgent holidays and frigid winter temperatures, is your home in tip-top shape to be listed? If you’re ready to dive into the market or just want to get a jump start on cleaning, here are a few tips to get your home open house ready.

Wash Your Windows

Mix up your favorite cleaning solution and take to those windows. A little attention to this often forgotten chore will do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. If your windows and screens are really filthy, a good scrub will allow for more natural light to enter the home and show off the features  your home buyers will love a lot more.

Clean Your Floors

The winter season probably saw a lot of foot traffic with friends and family visiting. Don’t forget to show your carpet and hardwood floors a little extra attention as you do your deep clean. If you’re preparing to list, hiring a cleaning service to bring new life to your floors is a wise idea.

Maximize Your Quiet Time

Maybe you have a small child who still takes naps or an older child who’s in school. Trade in those quiet moments of free time for packing. This is also a great time to secretly purge any toys or items your child might be too attached to and won’t purge on their own.

Fix Minor Repairs

If your doorknobs are a little loose or your grout around your tiles could use a quick seal fix, make these small repairs now. You may have learned to live with them, but what seems like a little detail to you could look like an eyesore to buyers.

Organize and Declutter

Reassess the things in your home. It’s easy to accumulate junk you don’t use and don’t need. Go through your clothes and household items to see what you can donate or throw away. Again, unsightly items that hide the positive features of your home can be a turnoff for prospective buyers.

Spruce Up Your Lawn

Your lawn and garden may have taken a beating during those cold winter months. Clear away any debris that remains. Unclog gutters. Refresh your outdoor living space with new flowers and potted plants.

Spring cleaning can be a chore, but it can help give your home the boost it needs to sell. Once you’re ready to hit the market, connect with one of more than 8,000 agents to help you find potential buyers. Ready to buy, but you’re not sure what you can afford? Check out the mortgage calculator to help estimate possible monthly payments. Download the REIN.com app and put the power of fresh and accurate listing data in the palm of your hand. Available in the App Store and Google Play Store. For local listings you can trust, start with REIN.com.

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