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Should You Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

If you’re keeping a pulse on design trends, you’ve probably noticed the growing popularity in colored kitchen cabinets. You may be considering getting rid of your traditional wood grain cabinets and replacing them with a bolder color that makes a statement. But before you do, consider these tips before you jump on the trend.

Think About Your Kitchen Decor

Make sure the color you choose coordinates nicely with your current kitchen decor. Modern designs may pair better with bold, rich colors where more traditional designs may work better with softer, neutral tones.

Pay Attention to Your Countertops

Examine your space before you purchase a paint color. Pay extra attention to your countertops. You can create a nice contrast with your countertops and your cabinet colors. If your counters are light to white, you have more room to experiment with darker colors. If your countertops are dark to black, consider going all white or picking lighter hues for your cabinets. The contrast draws you in and is visually pleasing to the eye.

Check Your Lighting

How’s your lighting in your kitchen? Minimal lighting with a dark paint color can shrink your room. If you have large windows that produce a lot of natural light or you have several light sources in your kitchen, you have a better chance of playing with darker colors and having the kitchen still feel spacious.

Appeal to the Masses

If you’re painting your cabinets to give your home a refresh as you prepare to put it on the market, remember you need to be mindful of attracting a wide audience. Go too radical with your paint job, and you risk turning off some buyers. Consider staying neutral with whites, creams, and grays.

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