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REIN MLS – Hampton Roads’ Multiple Listing Service

You may be hearing more about the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) these days. But what is it exactly? Well, if you’ve ever bought or sold a home, you’ve probably used the Multiple Listing Service, even if you don’t know it. In the simplest terms, an MLS is an electronic database that consists of all available properties in a region to facilitate the buying and selling of real estate. The MLS brings a network of agents and brokers together to give them access to listing information and in turn provides you with the best, most detailed information possible. The better and more accurate the information, the more confident you can feel in making a major life decision like selling or buying a home.

In Hampton Roads, REIN MLS is the region’s Multiple Listing Service. And because REIN MLS powers REIN.com, you have access to the exact same information that real estate professionals use every day.

The MLS For Buyers

When your real estate agent belongs to the MLS, they make it possible for you to see a full and up-to-date picture of what’s on the market, so they can get you what you’re looking for. They use the MLS to guide their search and get you the location, features, and price point that meets your needs. With the MLS, an agent can get you detailed information not available on public apps and websites. Agents can also analyze up-to-the-minute information on comparable homes and recent sale prices to make sure your offer is competitive, all with the help of the Multiple Listing Service.

The MLS For Sellers

A real estate agent who belongs to the MLS can give you the information you need to make smart decisions and puts your home in front of the largest possible number of potential buyers. Agents will use historical and current home sales information from the MLS to guide you on when to sell and for how much. When your agent places your home on the Multiple Listing Service, non-confidential information is displayed on nearly every real estate brokerage website in town, as well as on top real estate search apps and websites like REIN.com. Listing your home on the Multiple Listing Service puts it into the hands of nearly every agent representing active buyers. This network of relationships is how most homes get sold.

The MLS and Your Agent

Your agent relies on the Multiple Listing Service. It’s an essential tool that helps them better serve you, because the complete and impartial information they have access to keeps them fully informed. The Multiple Listing Service allows for an open marketplace where real estate professionals can work together on a neutral platform to make transactions happen.

Learn More About the Multiple Listing Service

Want to know more about how the Multiple Listing Service benefits you? We’ve created a section on REIN.com with more detailed information on the process and what it means for you on your buying and selling journey. Just click on the “About REIN MLS” section at the top of the page.

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