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Is Your Home Prepped for Summer?

The weather is quickly heating up! Soon, you’ll be spending your time getting reacquainted with the outdoors. After more than a year of isolating, poolside fun, barbeque cook-offs, and relaxing sunsets from your patio may be in your near future. While you may be ready for the joys of summer, make sure your home is also ready for all that comes with the hotter months by asking yourself these questions.

Have You had Your AC Serviced Recently?

Nothing’s worse than the temperature hitting the 90’s, cranking up your AC, and finding that it doesn’t work. Before the sweltering heat fills your home, be sure to get your air conditioner serviced. While you let the professionals handle the tune-up, do your part by keeping your AC unit clear of any overgrown grass, plants, and/or weeds.

What Condition is Your Lawn Equipment in?

By summer, mowing season will be in full swing. Have you dusted off that lawn mower, checked the oil, or changed the filter? Clean tools at the start of the season will ensure they stand the best chance of lasting all season long.

What Kind of Condition is Your Entertainment Equipment in?

Your lawn furniture may have collected cobwebs after being tucked away in the corner of your garage all winter long. Pull it out for a thorough cleaning before the first barbeque. Speaking of barbeque, we know you’re a responsible grill master and cleaned your grill from top to bottom before you put it away for the season, but now is the time to get that grill out and take another look.

Have You Sealed Your Doors and Windows?

Your AC is working hard to keep you cool while inside, but if you haven’t checked to make sure your home is properly sealed, all of that cool air is escaping from unchecked air leaks. Check all doors and windows around the home, and seal where necessary.

Do You Have a Pest Plan?

You’re not the only one eager to welcome warmer weather. Soon, pests will be finding their way in or around your home. Remove any old hives that may have lingered from past seasons around the outside of your home. Clean up any debris that has collected near your house that could be attractive to pests. Explore various forms of repellant to make sure you aren’t bothered by unwanted critters throughout the season.

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