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Five Tips for Touring an Open House

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Touring a home in person is a great way to get one step closer to finding a home you love. Stepping out from behind a computer – where you’ve probably virtually toured hundreds of homes – can help you clarify your wants and needs and turn your homebuying dreams into a reality. Here are a few tips for you to use as you strategize for your next open house visit.  

Use Your Senses

As you tour the next home, don’t just take in the home with your eyes. Use hearing, smell, and touch to give you more insight into what it would be like to live in this particular home. Listen for annoying sounds like highway traffic or trains that could hinder your quality of life on a daily basis. Sniff out faint remnants of old pet smells or smoke that may need to be addressed before you move in. Touch around faucets or window seals to look for possible water leaks or places for air to escape. This will help you know what kind of repairs you may need to ask for before closing.

Overlook Decor

Don’t let the current homeowner’s decor distract you from the structural features of the home. Their taste in decor won’t be your taste, but that doesn’t mean the home may not fit your needs. Try to only look at the permanent elements that make up the home.

Remember the Exterior

The interior is usually the star of the show, but don’t forget to take a walk around the exterior as well. Check out the backyard and any garages or sheds that may be on the property.

Ask Questions

Come with your own questions in mind. The agent showing the home will likely have a prepared list of facts and talking points about the home, but make sure you’re an active participant in the conversation. Ask about things that matter to you. Ask about repairs. Ask about what conveys with the home. Ask about the age of specific elements of the home such as the roof or the HVAC system.

Follow the Rules

Be on your best behavior while touring someone else’s home. Rules may be listed upon entering the home, so be sure to abide by them. Be courteous when opening closets or rummaging through other personal spaces. Snapping photos is a great way to help you with any mental or physical notes. Just be sure to ask before you pull out the camera and start taking pictures.

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