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How to Make a Beeline to Your Dream Home.

It’s a common scenario: You visit a home search site and type in your search criteria. Up pops a wide array of listings. Trouble is, you quickly discover that many of those listings don’t meet your search criteria.

Perhaps you searched for homes with pools, and yet you find homes without pools scattered throughout your search results. Maybe you searched for 4-bedroom homes, only to find a large number of 3-bedroom homes in your search. We call these unqualified listings “deal breakers”.

Unwanted listings that should never have appeared in your search results are annoying and time-consuming. They slow down your search and make it that much harder to find listings that interest you.

Keeping deal breakers out of your search results.

It’s been 20 years since the first online home search sites appeared. Over the years, search technology has improved by leaps and bounds. And yet, no one has come up with a truly effective solution to keeping unwanted listings out of your search results. Until now.

REIN.com, the home search website of the Hampton Roads MLS, has introduced next-generation search technology designed to provide comprehensive search results – without those annoying deal-breaker listings. Best of all, it’s quick and easy to do. Just set up your search criteria using the “MORE” button, then refine your search using the “Include” and “Exclude” selections (highlighted in the image below). This ensures that no deal-breaker listings appear in your “exact match” search results.

Simple, right? The REIN.com exclusion feature can save you time, make your search a bit easier and, most important of all, connect you with your dream home sooner.

Every day, a growing number of Hampton Roads home buyers are turning to REIN.com to search for area listings. With the leading-edge search technology, it’s easy to see why.