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Are You Ready to Relocate to Hampton Roads?

Moving to a new home is rewarding, but it’s not without its challenges. Add relocating to another state or region to the equation and things can be downright nerve-racking. Whether you’re relocating for a new job, moving closer to family, or upgrading to something better, you’re probably excited about the possibilities of what’s to come but a little anxious about the unknown. Keep these five things in mind for a stress-free move.

1. Research the Area

You know the city you are considering moving to, but do you really know the area? Take time to get to know the neighborhoods and communities within the city you’re considering. What’s the cost of living in the city? What kind of employment opportunities are available? Are nightlife and entertainment options important to you? Research all that the city has to offer and the lifestyle you expect to live. Use sites like REIN.com to discover communities in the area where you’re moving. Whether you’re looking for the exciting bustle of city life, the relaxing calm of beach life, or the peaceful nature of rural life, areas like Hampton Roads have a little something for everybody.

2. Find a Local Agent

Nobody knows the market like an agent living in your area of interest. You need an agent who can guide you into the best neighborhoods and schools–and one who has access to all listings in the Multiple Listing Service. Through photos, video tours, and years of knowledge, an agent can help ease any fears you may have about your new area.

3. Purge and Organize

A major relocation calls for packing as light as possible. Take the time to declutter and purge, and then organize the things that are absolutely necessary for your new life. Be sure to strategically label boxes by category and room to make for easy unpacking once you arrive at your destination. Head to our blog for more tips on effectively packing for your move.

4. Create a Budget

Remember, you’re not just moving down the street. You’re relocating, and sometimes you’re relocating across the country. When you’re factoring in the cost of movers, remember to budget in other expenses like meals along the way, hotel stays, and gas.

5. Prepare Your Pets For the Move

While you’re busy preparing yourself for the move, don’t forget about your furry friends. Moving is a big deal for them, too. If you’re able to explore your new city before the actual move, bring your dog along. Let them sniff out their new home and get acquainted with the new sounds and smells. If your cat isn’t used to car rides or being crated, go for a drive to get them used to the travel ahead.

If you’re moving to Hampton Roads, proper preparation will make your relocation a breeze. Check out our blog to get more acquainted with the region. Connect with one of our 7,000 agents to help you find the perfect home in a neighborhood you’ll love. If it’s a question of what you can afford, check out our mortgage calculator to help estimate your monthly payments. For local listings you can trust, start with REIN.com.

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