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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying A New Construction Home

You may have a picture of the perfect home swirling in your head as you attempt to search for the house that’s just right for you. You’ve searched for days, but you still haven’t found the one. You may be considering buying a new construction home to get all of the features and amenities you envision, but as you switch gears from searching for pre-owned options to buying something newly built, you’ll quickly see that the process isn’t completely the same. Before you jump into buying a new construction home, consider these five tips.

Use an Agent

Using an agent is critical to your success. Don’t tread into these new waters without an experienced guide to navigate you through the process. It’s best to use an experienced agent who is familiar with working with builders and who can represent your wants and needs throughout the process. You’ll want to keep them close on your journey. Ask them to assist you in attending walk-throughs and meetings with the builder if possible. Remember, you’re a team working toward a common goal.

Know Your Builder

Be sure to research your builder before locking into a commitment with them. Read reviews and closely examine their reputation to make sure you’re working with the most qualified team. 

Understand What You’re Buying

In the new construction process, you may find yourself looking through model homes. Don’t automatically assume your new home will look like an exact copy of the model. Models will often have a mix of standard and custom features. Be sure to clarify the differences in these features along with pricing. This will alleviate any unnecessary surprises when you see the features of your home come together.

Get the Home Inspected

Since you’re not buying pre-owned, you may have thought you could wiggle out of needing a home inspection. This isn’t a step you want to bypass just because the home is new. Your home inspection will ensure everything about your new home is up to code before you close. It’s best to address issues while the team is still working on completing your home.

Manage Your Living Situation in the Meantime

Are you selling the home you currently own? You don’t want to sell at the last minute, but you also may run into a situation where you’ve sold your old home but your new home isn’t move-in ready yet. So, where do you live in the meantime? Will you lease, stay with family? Depending on the season, the workload of your builder, and many other factors, your new construction could take months to complete. Have a plan for that in-between time, and work with your agent to make sure you’re listing your home at the best time possible to make a transition that meets your needs.

Buying a new construction home can be an exciting way to make a home uniquely yours. Shopping for a pre-existing home and a newly built home has its similarities, but be diligent in doing your homework on the new construction side of things. Connect with one of our 8,000 agents to help you navigate the process. If it’s a question of what you can afford, check out our mortgage calculator to help estimate your monthly payments. For local listings you can trust, start with REIN.com.

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